Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video Reviews

Another exciting aspect of Cre8tive Swag will be our video reviews of products that are in our boxes.  We will feature 3-4 products per month and do an video review.  We will also be accepting video reviews from those who purchase products from our participants.  More to come on this in the weeks to come...Stay tuned.  Our new YouTube channel should be up in just a few weeks!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cre8tive Swag 2011

Cre8tive Mocha Presents:

Cre8tive Swag
Sampler Boxes

Connect with independent business owners and try out their handmade products!

Cer8tive Swag will launch its first box of samples in February 2011

Looking for artisans that make the following items to participate:

Bath/Body Products
Paper products
Hair accessories
Party favors

If you've got an Etsy, Artfire or any kind of e-tail store, then this is the place for you!

The goal of Cre8tive Swag is to promote independent business owners that might not otherwise be seen by the masses!  We want to help you reach your target audience.

Who doesn't love samples?  So now is your chance to get samples of your products into the hands of hundreds of consumers!


It's really simple, just send us the following information to let us know you are interested in participating:

Email address
A brief description of your business/products
Number of samples your would like to contribute
Small banner (125X125) for advertising purposes on our website

Our minimum number of samples that we require is 25 ...they can be small sample sizes or full size items(please contact us if you plan to send full sized items), it's totally up to you.  Remember the more samples you send the more exposure you will receive. Those who send 50+ samples will be our featured contributor and their item will be placed on top in the box as well as their banner being prominently displayed for that month on our website and blog.

We advertise your products absolutely FREE...there is no cost for you to participate!
All you need to do is create and package your samples and get them to us at the appointed time...we'll do the rest!

We are all into the Social Media scene and will make sure your products are promoted from our Official Facebook and Twitter pages.  You will also be listed on our official blog!
We are working hard to start a Cre8tive Swag Etsy team as well.
We will also be promoting Cre8tive Swag and its participants on many other blogs with large readership!

Make sure that your samples are packaged very carefully and will not leak or break. Attractive packaging is always a plus and will help your items stand out! Make a good first impression!
PLEASE NOTE:  All bath/body products as well as cosmetics must have all ingredients list plainly and legibly.  Any items that do not follow these specifications will not be placed in our boxes...Safety first!

More information will be posted in the weeks to come including our new website and social media sites, so check back often.

If you have questions, please contact us at cre8tiveswagbox@gmail.com